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What is Sellers Shield™ ?

Disclosure is the #1 cause of home sale lawsuits. Sellers Shield is a simple, turn-key solution that prevents legal issues for home sellers. So, how do we stop lawsuits before they happen? We created Sellers Shield’s Smart Seller Tools™ to provide

  • A platform designed by legal experts

  • FREE access to disclosure tips, a video resource, FAQs and more

  • An interactive disclosure process

  • Guidance for home sellers throughout disclosure forms


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Agent & Seller Videos

Watch our one-minute video to quickly learn how to set up your agent account and invite a new seller to start their disclosure! Then, watch what your seller will experience when they complete their disclosure with Sellers Shield!

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Did you know…

Problems in the home after closing are common and can lead to a costly buyer dispute. Did you know that homeowners and umbrella insurance policies do not protect home sellers in the event of a home sale lawsuit?


What happens to the seller if a claim is made after the sale?

Sellers Shield's Home Sale Legal Protection™ will protect sellers with an experienced real estate attorney for up to 1, 2 or 3 years after the sale and up to $20,000 paid legal representation. It is peace of mind for pennies of the sale! 


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