Protect Your Clients and Your Business

Issues with disclosure are the #1 cause of home sale lawsuits and if the seller gets sued, so will their agent and broker. Our Smart Seller Tools™ and interactive online disclosure process are designed by legal experts to prevent lawsuits, limit agent liability, and significantly cut broker legal and insurance costs.



We guide your clients through disclosure and protect them if there is a claim

The Smart Seller Tools™ & Interactive Online Disclosure Form(s)

Our Smart Seller Tools™ include an instructional video and legal tips that provide an easy-to-understand reference and straightforward advice on how to properly complete the seller's disclosure form(s), preventing critical mistakes.

Our legal wizard highlights key areas of concern and defines terms throughout the form(s), stopping lawsuits before they happen. Sellers can easily access and edit their form(s) at anytime.


Optional Home Sale Legal Protection™

Our optional Home Sale Legal Protection™ provides sellers with up to $20,000 paid legal representation by experienced real estate attorneys for claims made within 2 years of the sale. Sellers can easily opt in during the disclosure process.



Agents can manage and monitor the whole process in an easy-to-use dashboard.  

Agents invite clients to disclose in one click, then we take it from there, limiting agent liability and saving time.    

Agent dashboard:

  • Easily invite unlimited clients

  • Tracks client progress in realtime and notifies agent when forms are complete

  • Stores fully complete and custom formatted PDFs

  • Simple and intuitive



Become a Premium Broker 

Finally a powerful marketing and compliance tool that makes your life easier, not harder.

Our Premium Broker plan allows you to manage and track all your agents and listings in an easy-to-use broker dashboard. We also provide a professional and fully branded experience for you and your agents during the client's disclosure process.  

Key Features:

  • Ability to add agent headshot and broker logo in each agent account for professional and branded client experience

  • Personalized welcome landing pages in client disclosure process

  • Complete oversight for ALL agents and disclosures with your broker dashboard

  • Dedicated Customer Success Specialist



Lower Legal and Insurance Costs

Don't believe us, believe your E&O insurance carrier.

Leading national insurance companies, like Great American, are stepping up with their own money to endorse Sellers Shield's protection, offering brokers/agents deductible waivers on claims where Sellers Shield is used. Why? Its simple, they believe our product will prevent claims, limit agent liability, and lower legal costs...all leading to better risk protection and lower premiums for your brokerage. Its a win-win for all involved.


Sellers Shield is proud to partner with top brokerages and associations.